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About 10 000 translators and writers, more than 70 languages supported.Some readers of my blacklist have suggested that companies should be categorised better rather than be simply listed alphabetically. My criteria for now is just who I would not work for and why. They suggest I should classify them by country, and separate bad payers, from non-payers and low payers. This sounds like a great idea and I have studied that possibility but Travod it is not very practical to start such categories, because some people belong to all of them and there would be repeats.

Travod is one of them. They have positive reviews as well a bad ones, but I would personally not work for them because they offer low rates (under 2 eurocents). And on these grounds alone they are damaging the industry by lowering the standards (read article about the main factors threatening profession).

On top of that, their strategy to gain trust from c is to pretend they are an international company based everywhere. There is nothing illegal about that, and they are not the only ones to do it, but it’s definitely very embarrassing for them. And they go through a lot of efforts to hide the following information. Here is the story: