material handling equipment

Strommashina Corp. offers a wide range of material handling equipment handling systems designed and engineered to fit the requirements of your company and operation. Our in-house manufacturing facilities enable us to design handling equipment to the exact needs and specifications of our customers, as well as provide customers with all necessary spare parts for material handling equipment.

Materials Handling Equipment‎ Manufacturer
The Strommashina plant in Samara manufactures a wide range of high-grade handling equipment. Our conveyor units are suitable for any material handling applications in industrial production. They are designed for long-term trouble-free operation.

Advantages of Strommashina-manufactured material handling equipment:

Ease of maintenance
Wide range
Reasonable price
Material handling equipment and stream-flow transportation units are divided into the following groups:
1) conveyors (transporters, elevators, feeders) in which the material is fed mechanically;
2) pneumatic and hydraulic transport units in which the material is fed via pipes or chutes in an air or water flow;
3) gravity transport devices in which the material is fed by gravity.

Conveyors feature the most characteristic design element which is a work tool (belt, bucket, screw, slat, and scraper). It is classified by its design and shape:
a) belt conveyor;
b) bucket conveyor (elevator);
c) screw conveyor;
d) oscillating conveyor;
e) pneumatic conveyor system.

In addition to the above-listed conveyors, there are slat chain conveyors, scraper conveyors, and other kinds of conveyors applied mainly only as links of the entire industrial process equipment chain.

The Strommashina plant in Samara supplies material handling equipment and units both as individual equipment units and as packaged supplies for arrangement and construction of production lines, sections, and whole plants for extraction, processing, and beneficiation of raw materials.

Materials Handling Equipment‎ Working Principle
Strommashina’s engineered material handling equipment are well-set and dependable. For over 70 years Strommashina Corp. has been designing and supplying bulk material handling systems for many different industries.

All conveyors (except screw-chain and oscillating type conveyors) consist of the following components:
1) work tool (belt, bucket, scraper, slat);
2) traction tool (belt, chain, rope) designed to move the work tool;
3) supporting tool (roller supports, supporting bearings) which serve as a support for work and traction tools;
4) drive (a geared motor and drive drums or sprockets) transmitting motion to the traction and work tools;
5) tensioning device to tension the traction tool (belt, chain, or rope); and
6) support structure (truss, bed plate) on which all main parts of the conveyor are installed.

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