Buying a new mattress is not such an easy task as it seems. As it is well-known, a human spends a third of life in bed. It’s a lot. That is why if you have decided to buy a new mattress, choose it carefully. The exact size is the first step that will help you to avoid different troubles in buying a suitable mattress. The mattress should fit your needs and the room space, where it will be placed. Take into consideration your personal preferences in order to choose the right mattress dimension that will provide you with a comfortable sleep and rest. Moreover, if you want to replace your old mattress with the new one, be sure that the measurements of an existing bed and the new mattress are the same (in order to prevent undesirable overhangs).
A lot of customers make mistakes while thinking that the firmer mattress is, the more useful it is for spine and back in the whole. Other consider that the soft bowed bed is the best choice for them. In fact, both variants are harmful to the health and spine especially because you cannot have a rest in the natural posture of the body.

Let’s go to the physiology. The spine is not a straight line like a string. It looks more like a wave. Sleeping on the very firm surface, hence, leads to maximize the impacts on one’s shoulders and hips. They simply cannot sink in the soft mattress layers. At the same time, the space around the lumbar spine is empty and not sufficiently supported. As the result, the muscle tissue is overstrained. Over hard surface can disrupt the work of the circulatory system because of the compression of blood vessels. It produces the problems with circulation, causing the numbness in the extremities and muscles and a general state of fatigue after sleeping.

A too soft mattress is no less harmful to the health although for other reasons. The spinal cord sags too much on this surface and becomes semilunar. As a result, the muscles are again overstressing and the lungs are being compressed so one could have the labored breath.
Choosing the proper mattress firmness you should take into account person’s weight and age, his anatomic specificities, medical conditions caused by the diseases of the locomotion system and internal organs.